One A Day Brand Site + Campaign

Reimagining A Legacy Multivitamin Brand

One A Day asked POSSIBLE for help making their multivitamins relevant for a younger audience. Our solution was to energize the brand with a much needed facelift across their digital platforms. I led the team that created a new digital campaign, redesigned the site, and optimized their pages on Amazon, ultimately increasing brand awareness and driving younger customers to purchase.


Your One A Day Is Showing

Your One A Day Is Showing is a campaign about how One A Day multivitamins are full of goodness that gives people the confidence to do awesome things. Our playful messages and lighthearted attitude touted the emotional and nutrient benefits without going into scientific claims. We brought it to life on Facebook and Instagram, with short spots featuring expressive bursts of energy and color.

Distinctive Brand Assets

We updated the brand with bright saturated colors, playful energetic photography, bold type and simplified bottle packaging. These assets were applied consistently across the digital campaign, the site, and Amazon pages.

We redesigned the website leading with products and benefits. Products were organized to user’s individual needs   (Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, 50+), serving content that were specific to the kinds of benefits they would be looking for (Men = Heart Health, Energy Support,  Woman = Prenatal Vitamins, Nature’s Medley ). And every click was simplified to allow customers to purchase the product in the fewest clicks possible.

We took an eighty year old multivitamin brand and made it relevant for today's millennial audience

Branding, Product Design, eCommerce, Campaign, Motion Design
Cavan Huang, Joey Unnold, Gillian Salit, Alina Pena, Alan Finch, Casey Glidden, Lee Groh, Kiyomi Dong, Louis Delis
Jenna Silverman, Ryan Stimpson, Leslie Parks, Emily Roche
Dave Kurman, Aikisha Prince, Tati Banks, Shanique Bundy, Nick Aronis, Kiran Josen,
POSSIBLE Buenos Aires